The Mines and Geosciences Bureau Employee's Association (MGBEA) XII Chapter Executive Board elected its new set of officers for CY 2021-2023 on July 13, 2021 at MGB XII, Koronadal City, South Cotabato.

The designated members of the Committee on Elections (COMELEC) led by Atty. Charlen Suedad, scheduled the casting and canvassing of votes for MGBEA XII president on June 29, 2021. The list of candidates was obtained after nominations were submitted by the 5 divisions of MGBXII. The said list includes: Ariel Austin A. Acosta, Aisah M. Baute, Ermelyn Jane P. Celindro, Edgardo C. Ferolino, Engr. Wynlove C. Galagaran, Engr. Maimona A. Mamao, Jefferey C. Padilla, Engr. Sabrawi S. Pangcoga, Engr. Caidar S. Sambarani, and Norjanah M. Solaiman.

In the morning of June 29, 2021, a total of fifty-one (51) MGB personnel casted their votes, 26 personnel having voted through secret ballot and 25 personnel through absentee voting, while four personnel were unable to vote. In the afternoon, the canvassing was made as well as the announcement of the duly-elected MGBEA XII president. According to MGBEA XII COMELEC Rules and Regulations, the members of the MGBEA XII shall elect a president from the list of candidates nominated by each division. After the MGBEA XII president has been proclaimed, the newly-elected president with the remaining nominees, shall elect among themselves the new set of officers.

Engr. Caidar Sambarani took his post as the current MGBEA XII president with a landslide vote of 30. He is also the former MGBEA XII president for CY 2018-2020. Engr. Caidar emphasized the importance of camaraderie. “Strong camaraderie is what we have in MGB XII and we will continue to support the administration and take good care of the welfare of our co-employees. We will continue the holistic services and programs that we have started” he stated.

The new MGBEA XII Chapter Executive Board includes Engr. Caidar S. Sambarani (President), Engr. Maimona A. Mamao (Vice President), Norjanah M. Solaiman (Secretary), Ermelyn Jane P. Celindro (Treasurer), Aisah M. Baute (Auditor), Engr. Wynlove C. Galagaran (Public Relations Officer), Ariel Austin A. Acosta (Assistant Secretary), Jefferey C. Padilla (Assistant Treasurer), Engr. Sabrawi S. Pangcoga (Assistant Auditor )and Edgardo C. Ferolino (Assistant Public Relations Officer).

MGBEA ensures the promotion and development of its member's welfare and its wellbeing. It is an employees’ organization that can easily and effectively address issues and concerns that helps strengthen MGB.

MGB XII personnel casting their votes for MGBEA president for CY 2021-2023 in Koronadal City, South Cotabato.