In celebration of Earth Month, a Coastal Clean-Up and Mangrove Tree planting was initiated by the Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB) XII joined by the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) in Barangay Tinoto, Maasim, Sarangani on April 26, 2021.

A total of 15 sacks of garbage were accumulated during the coastal clean-up. Ocean trash picked up along the coastline area included biodegradable, non-biodegradable and residual wastes. Most of the materials recovered were diapers, PET bottles, rubber, metals, worn-out clothes and wires.

Meanwhile, 150 Rhizophora Mucronate and Rhizophora Apiculata mangrove species were planted. Ryan S. Jama, Coastal Resource Coordinator of the Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office (MENRO) in Maasim emphasized that mangrove trees help prevent Ocean Acidification. Ocean Acidification affects the marine environment’s inability to produce new species.

“Mangrove trees help absorb bad Carbon Dioxide derived from fossil fuels, coal and plastics,” Jama said. He further added that mangroves leaf litters are used in the estuarine food webs where they provide food sources to marine life including fish, shrimps and crabs.

The activity is an annual commitment of MGB XII on coastal rehabilitation. It aims to raise awareness to marine pollution and contribute to the reduction of wastes in the ocean. The participants also enforced social distancing with the usual health and safety protocols.

MGB XII together with BJMP XII collected 15 sacks of garbage picked up in the coastline of Brgy. Tinoto, Maasin, Sarangani.